Painting Change

As a child I often felt I was missing something important while I slept. Sometimes I tried to stay awake for twenty-four hours so I could witness the entire day-night cycle and watch the change happening in the backyard, in the sky, in the weather. I wanted to know what the plants and trees were doing all night and not miss a thing.

The fascination with simply witnessing nature has always inspired my paintings. I have no need to impose a narrative on the natural world. 'What is' is infinitely more than enough. The contrasting elements of a day or a season sometimes play into a single painting; the colors, the shifting light, the sense of weather passing through a place. The lines of representation fade as I opt ever more for abstraction which reflects more closely the essence of what is seen. The natural world is the perfect stage upon which constant change can be seen from my fixed point.

So I gather ingredients from the world around me at any moment and from any place, mix them with memory, perception and paint. It's sort of like chopping up a sunny bright landscape, putting it in a bowl, adding a memory of a thunderstorm, and a little bit of night.

A few of the artists with which I feel an enduring affinity are Per Kirkeby, Joan Mitchell and Ivon Hitchens.