Feral Places
Feral (fîr’əl, fĕr’-) adj.
 1.Existing in a wild state, esp. after escape from captivity  2.Having returned from domestication to an untamed state

I tend to think of my paintings as belonging to thematic groupings that may extend over many years. I call this group Feral Places and add new ones as they appear to belong here. 

The feral aspect of these paintings is in the approach to painting a landscape. The viewpoint here is untethered from a single one, rules are loosened in regard to the ordered illusion of form, space and light as established in the landscape tradition of Western art. They don't necessarily refer to a specific place, though each one may evoke a sense of a familiar or remembered environment.

Amy Falstrom Feral Places oil on panel
Unruly Garden
oil on panel
45 x 45 inches

Feral Places